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2019 Natural Capital Symposium

Filling the Conservation Finance Gap: Where are the Opportunities?

March 19, 2019 - 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Abstract: The world of conservation finance has exploded in recent years from green bonds to nextgen family offices, impact investment funds to multilateral banks and the Green Climate Fund. Even global banking giants are forging towards an investment landscape that supports a “triple bottom line” to help heal our planet. And yet all the indicators show our planet is sicker than ever. Our societal challenges are getting more acute, and thousands of endangered species are closer to extinction. Do we have the right investment models that can attract enough mission-driven entrepreneurs to make the impact quickly enough? Or do we need to rethink how we incentivize and finance large scale nature conservation? Perhaps we need new ways to recognize and reward the value of conserving natural ecosystems, as REDD+ does for forest, and other pay-for-performance market places. This panel will discuss the successes and limitations to the current conservation finance landscape as well as practical recommendations that can help turn the tide.

Moderator: Marilyn Waite, Program Officer: Climate and Clean Energy Finance at William and Flora Hewlett Foundation 

Featured speakers include:
  • Mike Korchinsky, WildlifeWorks
  • Greg Watson, Inter-American Development Bank
  • Jennifer Morris, Conservation International
  • Douglas Eger, The Intrinsic Value Exchange
Session Track: 
New Frontiers